Jennifer Danielle Capriccio

Actor    Dancer   Model   Voice Over Artist

She tossed a flower to the audience....

She felt their laughter, joy...

She heard their applause 

4 years old. Her first performance.

It was right before her, laid out, what her journey would be...

 I went Back to nY!

where I was born


To study dance & theater for realz


Working with Jennifer has been an absolute pleasure. Not only is she a talented and generous actress, her commitment, professionalism, enthusiasm, attention to detail and desire to discover were invaluable to the success of the production. Her understanding and depth of feeling gave her character a naturalism which was a joy to behold, and her warmth and curiosity during rehearsals were inspirational to the other cast members.

Marc Bolton
AKT Productions, UK

“I have just worked with Jennifer Capriccio, on the recommendation of Billy O’Leary, and we achieved a brilliant result to our intensive rehearsal and crucially important single performance of a piece of industrial theatre. Jennifer applied herself with growing enthusiasm and effectiveness in both the theatre and film elements of the programme and had a major impact on our audience of senior managers from a major global corporation. She has a remarkable talent, benefiting from both her intelligence and her physical attributes, and she caught the emotional heart of the piece in a deeply touching and powerful way. I would highly recommend her as an actor in both theatre and film and would be happy to provide further references as required.”

-Tim Bannerman, Director, AKT Productions Ltd.

 “It was a pleasure to watch you and I appreciate everything you brought and everything you gave of yourself during auditions.  I believe you will go far.”

- Kyle Fischer, producer “The Bunglers”

 “You are a terrific improviser, a pure delight to watch, and a very generous actor.  Not to mention stunning!  We love your enthusiasm, strong decisions and diverse talents…It was truly a pleasure and honor to watch you work, we’ve been highly impressed with your talent and easygoing nature from the get-go. “

-Glenn Camhi, director “The Bunglers”

 “Jennifer Capriccio has been blessed with incurable drive and a rare work ethic that I find astonishing. This young woman is endowed with intellectual and emotional capital that she invests with equal enthusiasm and tenacity into every performance. She is comfortable relating across the social swath, even with those at the highest levels of the creative process. She manages to open forbidding doors and hearts with ease. I mention these abilities because they rarely appear on artists’ CV’s, even though they count for far more in a successful career than mere accolades. I would love to work with her again.”

-Dan-Dorian Druhora-director of “Noche Sin Dia”

 “Jennifer, you have wonderful qualities, presence and you are very watchable”

-Maggie G, casting director

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Chat Zone                                                                Host                                               HBO

Control                                                                     Host                                               Univision Networks

Geographic Voyager                                               Lead                                              GeoWorld Productions

Poop Notice                                                             Actress                                          Sean Patrick Murphy , dir     


Eight Count                                                             Sasha (lead)                                   Ari Dassa, dir                                   
Linger                                                                       Natalie (lead)                                 Risto Tuominen, dir
Goggles                                                                    Lisa (lead)                                      Invisible Man Production                                 
No Me Hallo                                                            Marita (principal)                          UNIVISION/ NMH Productions

Noche Sin Dia                                                         Beatriz Cervera (lead)                   Daniel Dorian, dir

NJ Homicide                                                            Detective Fiorelli (lead)                 Circus Maximus

Phone Sex Salsa                                                     Carla (lead)                                     Michel Corbiere, dir

True To Shoes                                                         Veronica (lead)                               Pedro Padilla, dir


Check Please                                                            Natalie                                            68 Cent Theater Group, Los Angeles
Le Tic Tock                                                                La Paloma                                      Edgemar Theater
Oasis Theater Co.                                                    Company member                       Gene Frankle Theater
The Great Theater of The World*                         Beauty (lead)                                 Teatro Thalia
La Gran Via                                                               Villager/various roles                   Teatro Thalia
Cuatro Corazones...*                                              Margarita/Catalina                        Teatro Thalia

**2 Time ACE Awards nominee. Best new Actor/ Best Actor in an Ensemble. Commercial, Voice Over, Print & Dance credits available upon request.


Krater Studios                                                           (acting,auditioning)                        Jen Krater,Paolo Pagliacolo          LA

UCB- T                                                                         (Improv)                                           Todd Fasen                                      LA

William Esper Studio -                                              Professional Acting Program        Suzanne Esper, Acting                   NY
Lesly Khan Studio                                                      comedy intensive                                                                                     LA
William O’Leary                                                          actin-auditioning for film and tv                                                            LA
Carolyne Barry                                                           Commercial Acting                                                                                   LA
Bob Krakower                                                             Acting for Film                                                                                          NY
Rick Pagano                                                                The Living Actor                                                                                        LA
Edgemar                                                                      Acting/Scene Study
Actor’s Center                                                             Michael Chekov Technique                                                                     NY
Alvin Ailey/Martha Graham School                         Professional DANCE Program                                                                NY


Modern, Hip Hop, Salsa/ Latin Jazz and ballroom dancer. Basic Aerial Performance skills, harness work,

Horseback riding, stickshift, snorkeling, biking, hiking, Rollerblades, Certified Gyrotonics & Gyrokinesis instructor (form of exercise based on yoga, ballet and Tai Chi). Not intimidated by stunts or firearms. Languages: fluent in Spanish. Accents: Spanish (Cuban, Spanish, Mexican, Argentinian,Venezuelan, Puertorrican) Italian, French, British.


Hollywood Original Talent

Lisa Butler, theatrical 


Beau Oliver, Sumeet Iyengar, Voice Overs

Naturally Fit

Annette Dominguez,  Modeling


Elkins Entertainment

Sandi Love, manager